End of a Great Season

Ski resorts announced record-breaking seasons with Stevens Pass, Wash recording its best season since visits have been electronically tracked.  Jackson Hole and Snow King also reported record breaking numbers. Jackson Hole had approximately 560,000 visits, which beats its 2012/13 all-time record.

West Mountain Emerges from Chapter 11

West Mountain has emerged from Chapter 11 with Apex Capital, which has been operating the resort and purchased the first mortgage in 2013, as the new owner.  Spencer Montgomery of Apex Capital told the Post Star that the company has plans to expand into real estate, four-season activities and more, though they are nothing more than ideas at this point. The ski area sits on 370 acres and has potential for growth. West is also counting on a boost in business thanks to an initiative by Governor Cuomo to create a ski bus next season that will ferry skiers and snowboarders from New York City and Toronto to 13 resorts in New York, including West Mountain.

Yellowstone Ski Club Founder Can’t Side-slip $41M Judgment

Law360 has reported that a Montana federal judge on Monday affirmed a $40.9 million judgment against Yellowstone Mountain Club LLC’s founder for allegedly misusing a $375 million loan, ruling that a bankruptcy court had proper jurisdiction to set the damages award.  A  bankruptcy judge set the $40.9 million judgment in December 2012, awarding significantly lower than the $286 million that Yellowstone’s liquidating trustee had sought.